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All About the Toyota FT-1 Concept Car

January 13, 2014


Hailed as a “symbol of Toyota’s design future” the Toyota FT-1 concept car is turning heads in the automotive world. In charge of the design of the FT-1 is one of Toyota’s most brilliant minds: Akio Toyoda, of the Toyoda family.

Akio instructed his designers (including William Chergosky, Tom Matsumoto, Bob Mochizuki, Andrew MacLachlan, Sellene Lee and Tim Farnam) to create a car with the full height and depth of their imagination that would make driving “fun”. Akio is even quoted as saying to his designers with full enthusiasm: “Make it cool!”

Have Akio and Toyota have been successful in this endeavor with the FT-1? You betcha and we’re going to break down some of the awesome and innovative features of the FT-1 for you.
The quest for the “ultimate” sports car began Two years ago. This self-proclaimed “labor of love” by the designers of the FT-1 was based in consumer polled tastes. The team really sought out to please both visually and internally with an exciting driving experience. “Function Sculpting” was a key term in the FT-1 design. What it breaks down to is design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but pragmatic. It seems with every unveiling of 2014 Toyota concept cars the narrative theme is: beauty meets brains.

Built for “serious” driving the slingshot cockpit of the FT-1 goes hand in hand in with the cars “high output, internal combustion engine”, that is sure to make your drive exhilarating. The interior of the FT-1 one is all about safety and accessibility and done so with good looks to boot.


“The human-machine interface is enhanced by controls located on the steering wheel, with a four-quadrant layout, enabling the driver’s hands to remain firmly on the steering wheel.” The car has liveliness to it and inside and out and contours to the needs of its driver.

Over-all the car is a triumphant step in the right direction for Toyota. They are strengthening their legacy with more options for buyers and working diligently to listen and deliver what the people want. Watch the video on the FT-1 for a better look.


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